Random recent TV show ramblings

I’ve been a bit uninspired lately–as I suppose happens when you’re in lockdown again, so I thought I would ramble about some of the television series I’ve finished watching recently, just for fun.

Before I do that: I got my first vaccine shot! It went fine, although my arm was very sore for at least a day afterwards. My next appointment is in August, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

On to the television:

Shadow and Bone: Like millions of other people, if the viewing numbers on Netflix are anything to go off of, I recently finished watching the first season of the fantasy YA adaptation Shadow and Bone. Shockingly, while I had heard of the books, I had never actually read them. That may have to change, because I loved the series. It’s set in a historical fantasy kingdom where an orphaned girl learns that she is a Grisha, a person who has a magical ability. And not just any Grisha, she is the Sun Summoner, who is essentially a figure of legend and prophecy, with people hoping she can destroy the fold, a swatch of darkness and shadow that splits the kingdom in half and is very dangerous to cross. This premise may sound typical of YA fantasy (the “chosen one” is a common trope), but it didnt feel derivative or boring to me at all. The characters were really interesting, the worldbuilding was fun if overwhelming at times, and the aesthetic of the show is beautiful. I loved it, and it made me both interested in a second season and interested in reading the books.

The Nevers: The mid season finale of the first season of this HBO show aired, so it’s yet to be even a full season, but I thought I would talk about it anyway. It’s set in Victorian era england a few years after a mysterious event caused people–mostly women–to suddenly develop powers. The series follows two women and their group of the “touched” as they fight those trying to oppress them and/or capture them, and figure out various mysteries along the way. This is another series I’ve been really enjoying. Without spoiling it, I’ve loved how its developed so far, and how it fits into many of my specific interests. I love the Victorian era clothes and I think the cast and the quirkiness is really great. I’m interested to see where it goes next.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: I don’t think I’ve talked about it enough, but I’ve devoured pretty much everything Marvel has put out over the past decade or so, and the Disney Plus shows are no different. I loved WandaVision, so TFATWS had big shoes to fill. WandaVision also had the advantage because I thought it had a more unique premise and did something different, so I was looking forward to it more when it premiered. However, TFATWS was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the action scenes, I loved the character exploration, I loved the overall arc, and I loved a lot of the themes that it chose to present. Like every show on this list, it isnt free of fault or of criticism, but overall I that it was a fantastic watch. I also just really missed Marvel content. I’m sorry, I love a superhero.

The Irregulars: Sadly, this Netflix show has been cancelled after this first season (I think it was a victim to Netflix choosing to promote Shadow and Bone, which premiered only about a month later, instead of it, which sucks), but I really enjoyed it so thought I would talk about it anyway. This was another Victorian-era set show, where a group of ragtag teenagers in London find themselves working for the strange Doctor Watson and his mysterious associate Sherlock Holmes as they investigate a series of supernatural crimes and events in the city. I have watched pretty much every Holmes adaptation there is, and I thought it was cool that this came at it from a different angle and included a supernatural component, so this is another show that fit right into my specific interests. I do think it wrapped up in a way that would make it satisfying to watch just the first season, but there was so much potential there and wish it could get a second season. It was really fun and creepy and enjoyable to watch.

I have, of course, watched a lot more TV this year. But this is what I’ve completed in the last month or so, so will leave it here for now.