So, hi again

In my last post, I gave a little life update, and said I would be trying to post more often.

That was over a month ago.

I didn’t mean to go this long without posting, I really didn’t! But between preparing for my new job, moving for my new job, and then the job itself, I’ve either not made time, been too tired, or not known what to say. I won’t give away too many details of my job for Reasons, but I have been working with teenagers and it’s been a lot of long days, tiring days, and just busy days.

So what do I talk about without giving work details?

Well first of all, this is the very first time, in my life, that I am living with people who aren’t family members. The four other girls I’m living with are great! I get along with them all really well. There hasn’t been any major issues as of yet–but maybe we have just all been too busy for anything to come up. Shared spaces have been kept neat the majority of the time, we took turns taking out garbage, no one is overly noisy at weird hours of the day, etc.

It is a change though. The bathroom has three shower stalls, so getting used to showering when someone else can come into the bathroom is a new one (they can’t see me, there’s a curtain as well as some glass and dividers, but it’s still always a bit alarming). Buying food for myself individually can be a bit weird to get used to, I’m not used to not assuming someone else will eat it or use it or finish it if I don’t.

It’s also interesting getting used to new people’s habits and rhythms. Figuring out someone likes early morning runs, for example, or recognizing who is playing what music in their room midday, or accurately guessing who left all their mugs out on the sink. It’s been nothing crazy so far–there are no wild stories, or massive complaints. It’s just the experience of living with new people, and figuring them out.

Otherwise, you can definitely say I’ve been a bit wrapped up in my work. I think between moving and getting a new job, I’ve mainly spent the last few weeks adjusting to everything. I have only in the last few days, started figuring out how to bring my everyday life into this life, if that makes sense. I’ve found paths in the area to go on walks down, found the right spot in a living room for my yoga mat, plugged my computer into the TV screen to watch some shows. I’ve thought about going to the movie theatre and the mall when I have the time. I have some days off this week, and I’m hoping to see more friends and family if not now, then soon.

When I say I want to post more regularly, I really mean it this time!! At the very least, I won’t be letting myself go another month and a half without posting. My birthday is exactly one week from now, so I’m sure I will have something to post about next week. Until then, so long.