Doing A Quiz: Part 4

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging things, so thought I would participate in “The Captains Quiz 4“! It’s halloween themed, so feels appropriately festive as well.


1. Rank your top five favourite Halloween candy and explain your choices.

  1. Mini snickers: because snickers are amazing but sometimes it can be a lot to have a whole bar so a mini bite sized version is perfect
  2. Mini caramilk: see above
  3. Mini kitkat: see above
  4. Fuzzy peaches: they’re so delicious and sweet and you don’t always get them so it’s always fun when you do
  5. Double Bubble: I’m not saying it’s the best gum in the world BUT it’s tasty enough and feels nostalgic and comes with a cute little comic!

2. In horror films, the victim normally runs upstairs while the killer is chasing them around the house. If you were to write a “what not to do” handbook for future characters in horror films, what would your chapter titles be?

It would be three chapters and they would be “leave your house,” “have back-up,” and “mind your own business”

3. If there was a monster under your bed, what would it look like?

Like Molly the doll from the Big Comfy Couch

4. I Know What You Did Last Summer follows a group of friends who are trying to keep the details of last summer under wraps, while being stalked by a killer with a hook. What is something you did this past summer that you did not share on social media?

I took plenty of naps and shockingly, I did not post about this.

5. If you were to provide a trick instead of a treat, what would your trick be?

I don’t think I’m very good at tricks. Maybe something just cute and harmless, like a skeleton hand coming out of the bowl of candy or something.

6. How long can you wear a Halloween costume before wanting to change into something else? Please provide a specific amount of time.

8-10 hours.

7. What Halloween decoration could we, as a society, do without?

The fake spiderweb stuff, mostly because people go way overboard with it and it rarely even looks that cute.

8. The songs, “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” have really cornered the market on “background-song-for-a-slideshow-of-student’s-Halloween-costumes”. What song was at the top of the Billboard Top 100 list the year you started high school? (You can find this on Google). Did you like the song?

Google tells me “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey was number one the year I entered high school. I remember HATING that song. I found it so over wrought and so over played and I was just not into it at all. Listening back now, it’s fine and pretty fun to dramatically lip synch to. Was I just in a bad mood that year? I mean I was 13/14, so probably.

9. What is your favourite Halloween-themed movie?

ParaNorman. A fantastic movie!

10. Bobbing for apples is a cliché party game that poses multiple health risks. If you threw a Halloween party, what activities would you provide?

Pin the tail on the black cat, a spooky themed bean bag toss, dancing to the Monster Mash, learning the thriller dance, decorating Halloween themed cookies.


1. Tell me a scary story.

Paul was sitting in his room, reading a book when the doorbell rang. He stopped reading to listen to make sure it was his, and sure enough his doorbell rang again…once more…twice more…and then insistently. He looked towards the door and hesitated, not sure what to do. He had no doorbell.

2. Put two minutes on the clock. Type as much as you can about anything pumpkin related, before time expires.

I’ve never been very good at carving pumpkins. i like the idea of it but it never turns out well. Maybe because my art skills aren’t that strong. But still, when presented with a pumpkin, I will do my very best. I will carve out its organs, reveling in the feeling of them. I’ll painstakingly draw a face that I’m meant to carve, being careful, making neat shapes, even though they always end up a little uneven. And then I pick up my carving knife, and stab as hard as I can through the eyes and mouth and nose of my chosen pumpkin. It’s stress relief.

3. List all the costumes you’ve ever worn for Halloween.

Pumpkin, pink power ranger, snow white, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, rock star, witch, fantasy witch, goth cheerleader, vampire, spooky doll, black cat, angel, hermione granger, Deryn Sharp from the Leviathan books, 80s pop star, Wednesday Addams

4. Are you a scarecrow or a jack-o’-lantern?

Scarecrow, duh.

So I’m 30 Now

On September 27 2021, I turned 30 years old.

I didn’t do anything big or fancy to mark it. One of my friends bought me brunch. I got a cupcake with my name on it at work. I got birthday messages from friends and family. It was all very nice.

But it just felt utterly inconceivable that I could be thirty years old. Shouldn’t I have it more together right now? Shouldn’t I know what I’m doing by now? Shouldn’t I feel more like a real grown up and not just a kind of sort of grown up mostly defined that way by absolutely not feeling like a teenager?

I would say I didn’t expect to be where I am now at thirty, but I’m not sure WHERE I expected to be. I’ve never been any good at hypotheticals. Being asked to say where I want to be in five years or ten years has always been very difficult for me. Hell, I was asked about something related to where I would be in a YEAR yesterday and I felt like I couldn’t properly know the answer to that question. How could I know before I lived more of the year??

I live about 20 minutes away from the home I’ve lived in all my life right now and this is the first time I’ve ever lived away from my family. I never did during my university years–I went to a school that was in the city and never ended up doing an exchange–so now, at 30, it’s the first time I’m doing so. It’s still in the same city, and I’m living away from home in an environment that’s very safe and easy to adjust to. Meanwhile, I see people my age getting married, or having kids on purpose, or travelling the world, or having had stable careers for years.

I’m not saying I want to be married or to have kids at this point in my life, I don’t. I certainly would like to travel more in some capacity. I’m hoping that the next year of the contracted job I’m currently in (which I’m enjoying by the way!) will give me an idea of what I want to do long term. But I still can’t help but wonder, shouldn’t I have it more together by now?

I guess the comforting thing about being thirty is realizing that even when you feel like you should have it more together than you do, there are other people who feel the same way that you do (Like in this post from my friend Paul, who is three weeks older than me and was far more eloquent and interesting in his post than I’m being right now). For every person I see who is getting married or buying a house, there’s someone else posting about living at home, or going back to school, or having a first date, or trying to take care of a pet fish. And deep down I know that everyone, no matter what stage of life they’re in at thirty, or whether or not they post it on social media, has days where they have no idea what they’re doing, or if they’re where they should be, or where they wonder “shouldn’t I have it more together by now?”

So I don’t know where my year of being thirty will take me. All I can hope is that a year from now I’m still here and still standing and can say maybe I have it a tiny bit more together than last year. Even just 1% more.