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Doing A Quiz: Part 5

Since I was the previous champion, I feel compelled, yet again, to participate in the quiz run by my friend Paul. Let’s see if I can do just as well. THE 10 QUESTIONS 1. The Fab Five were a group of all-freshmen starters for the 1991 Michigan men’s basketball team. What is something you immediately excelledContinue reading “Doing A Quiz: Part 5”

Doing A Quiz: Part 4

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging things, so thought I would participate in “The Captains Quiz 4“! It’s halloween themed, so feels appropriately festive as well. THE 10 QUESTIONS 1. Rank your top five favourite Halloween candy and explain your choices. Mini snickers: because snickers are amazing but sometimes it can be aContinue reading “Doing A Quiz: Part 4”

So I’m 30 Now

On September 27 2021, I turned 30 years old. I didn’t do anything big or fancy to mark it. One of my friends bought me brunch. I got a cupcake with my name on it at work. I got birthday messages from friends and family. It was all very nice. But it just felt utterlyContinue reading “So I’m 30 Now”


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I’m Sabrina, I am named after the witch but I am not a teenager. I like pop culture and getting excited about things.

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