Youtube channels that made me laugh, smile, and think in 2020

I have a longer post coming up soon about a book (yes, a book! yay!) but I thought that on this chilly Monday, when it’s still not too far into the new year, I would share SOME of the YouTube channels that brought me entertainment in 2020–it’s been a long year, so this isn’t even close to all of them. Some of them get rather niche and I have a tendency to enjoy pretty long videos, but there’s a good variety of channels here if you have time to check some of them out.

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian has a series on her channel called “murder mystery and make up mondays,” in which she shares true crime stories, murders, and mysteries all while doing her makeup. Her tone is conversational, almost gossiping, like a friend sharing these stories with you. I love it.

Jack Saint

I am only sharing one video for each creator, and it was hard to even know where to start with Jack Saint. He does video essays about pop culture that manage to be analytical and political and funny and tongue in cheek as well. Can get very specific, and I even love the videos about things I am not familiar with.

Tasting History with Max Miller

On this channel, Max Miller researches historical recipes–ranging from Ancient Greece to the early 20th century–and tests them out for himself, all while sharing how he does it and historical facts and context. Really interesting and also fun.


Mostly discussing nostalgic 80s, 90s, and early 2000s cartoons and toys, this is one of the newer discoveries for me this year. He has an entire series where he is watching all of Scooby Doo, what’s not to love??

Yhara Zayd

Another more recent find, Yhara Zayd talks about movies, television, music, and themes and connections through the years. Her voice is also very relaxing and great to listen to for narration.


KennieJD has a series called Bad Movies and a Beat, where she reviews and discusses bad movies while doing her makeup. She’s funny, charming, and watches movies I would definitely never watch otherwise.

Lost in Adaptation

Dominic Noble compares books to their film and television adaptations. I have been watching for years and love his humour and style, especially as someone who has many strong feelings about adaptations.

Jenny Nicholson

I don’t even know how to describe Jenny, but she takes very niche concepts or specific interests and talks about them in the most hilarious way. She’s been tweeting about how she is releasing a 2 hour video about The Vampire Diaries next and I am absolutely going to watch it.


This is an entire channel about the history of fairs, theme parks and theme park rides, and old childrens television shows. So of course, I love it.

Todd in the Shadows

Another one I have been watching for years and years, Todd in the Shadows talks about hit pop music as well as the history of one hit wonders and disaster records. If you have any interest in pop music, Todd is always one to check out.


Another music channel, MicTheSnare talks about current music, the history of genres, and full discographies of artists. I especially enjoy the deep discog dives because they introduce me to songs and albums of artists I thought I knew.


Another channel I more recently stumbled upon, I really enjoy his discussion on film, film history, and genre. Yes he is currently doing a series on dinosaur cinema, as he should.

Bernadette Banner

Bernadette Banner is a fashion channel focused on vintage and historical fashion and clothing. I love learning about these historical details I didn’t know before, and her delivery is very engaging.

Kurtis Conner

Love supporting a fellow Canadian! Kurtis consistently makes me laugh out loud with his videos and I always have fun watching them.

Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis is another one who always gets me laughing with his video topic choices and his delivery. He has a second channel which is just as funny and fun.

“Wow Sabrina,” you may be thinking, “this list got really long.” It did and yet, I could still keep going! I’ll leave it here for now. If you too love YouTube, feel free to share channels you enjoy, or tell me if you enjoy any of these channels or videos.